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Everyone gets treated like a celebrity at Aatlantic Fitness. We offer fast, convenient service, and outstanding customer care. Put our years of experience to work for you.

Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
Bob Vila (Home Again)
Bill Bellichick (NE Patriots Coach)
Adam Vinatieri(NE Patriots Player)
Teddy Bruschi ( NE Patriots Player)
Johnathan Pond(PBS Financial Guru, Writer)
Steve Pagliuca (Boston Celtics Owner)
Peter Lynch(Fidelity Investments, Writer)
Neil Chayet(WBZ Looking at the Law Live, Radio Personality)
Jeffrey Vinick (Fidelity Investments)
Randy Price (TV7 News Personality)
Victoria Block(TV7 News Personality)
Kate Bosworth(Actress)
Tebucky Jones (NFL Player)
Walter Braughton(NFL Player)
Dana Rosenblatt (Champion Boxer)


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